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filling plant

construction, production and installation

Our current project

waste sorting plant in Austria

Printing Machinery

for the modern printing industry on a high standard

Brick Production Facilities

Plant and machinery ceramic industry

Filling Installations/Technology

for breweries, juice manufacturers, dairies, cosmetics industry, lubricant manufacturers

Testing Facilities

for the tire industry are among the most demanding among the plants

Packaging/Wrapping Plants

play an important role in our time

Recycling Plants

for the tire, food and fertilizer industry

Blister Installations

for the pharmaceutical, food and fertilizer industry

Presses for Forming Technique

for the metalworking industry and automotive lightweight construction

Conveying Systems

for the raw materials, automotive and food industry

Special Machines/Plant Engineering

You have an idea, we take over the realization!

Heavy-duty Lifting Technology

Among other things, we rent gantry cranes, tank rollers, electric forklifts and much more
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KBA Subsidiary, Moscow

Our parent company at Radebeul called our attention to IMW some years ago. My local, trained service staff was not in a position to manage the task of several overlapping installations at that time.

As always, when working with someone for the first time I had my doubts that the framework agreed with the customer would be kept to both with regard to professionalism and to deadlines.

Mr. Wolfgang Müller was personally on site. Together with the Russian specialists of KBA he realised the transfer of a sheet offset printing machine. My customer was really pleased with “this German” who performed his services by focussing on results and high quality. His flexibility and his way of thinking without any clichés helped me to save time and money then. I was also more than pleased of the hourly rates of IMW – an optimal balance of price and quality!

Today – after further cooperation – I absolutely appreciate the service of IMW and my comment to the employees of IMW is: they do their job as well as their chief. Another positive fact is the continuous company development and the enlargement of the service portfolio.

I enjoy recommending the company IMW to others!
Andrej Koltschin (Head of Services)
KBA Subsidiary, Moscow