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filling plant

construction, production and installation

Our current project

waste sorting plant in Austria

Printing Machinery

for the modern printing industry on a high standard

Brick Production Facilities

Plant and machinery ceramic industry

Filling Installations/Technology

for breweries, juice manufacturers, dairies, cosmetics industry, lubricant manufacturers

Testing Facilities

for the tire industry are among the most demanding among the plants

Packaging/Wrapping Plants

play an important role in our time

Recycling Plants

for the tire, food and fertilizer industry

Blister Installations

for the pharmaceutical, food and fertilizer industry

Presses for Forming Technique

for the metalworking industry and automotive lightweight construction

Conveying Systems

for the raw materials, automotive and food industry

Special Machines/Plant Engineering

You have an idea, we take over the realization!

Heavy-duty Lifting Technology

Among other things, we rent gantry cranes, tank rollers, electric forklifts and much more
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Filling Installations/Filling Technology

for breweries, juice producers, dairies, cosmetics industry, lubricant producers


Filling installations and filling technology are subject to an ever increasing demand. To combine quality and quantity in compliance with statutory requirements, a real challenge for the producers. This is where we provide support as a service partner for installation. Thanks to our many years of expertise and practical experience, we are able to install customised plants so that is directly ready for production.

We are specialised in national and international project solutions, be it the installation or the relocation of a plant. We are ready to act from day one:

  • Dismantling
  • Packaging
  • Removal
  • Transport
  • Rigging
  • Reassembly
  • Commissioning
  • Production Integration
  • Service

Our strength is in identifying and implementing customer visions. We provide assistance with your modifications. We design, develop and program the control system.


We would be glad to take over the modification including design, control and programming as well as the temporary storage, cleaning or general overhaul of your plant.


Special machinery/plant engineering

You have an idea - we will take over the realisation!